20 pound redfish caught on Jump'n Jack Spinner

There have been occasions when a new fishing lure appeared on the scene that caught everyone, including the fish, by surprise.  It was so innovative and so appealing that it changed everything about how we caught our favorite sportfish. 

While I might give away my age, I was fortunate to be there when the famous White River in the Ozarks was dammed to create Table Rock Lake.  I remember when Virgil Ward was winning fishing championships with a Bass Buster jig; the first marabou jig ever tied.  And I was present when the first stringer of big bass was brought into Campbell Point Boat Dock on Table Rock Lake, caught on a new bass lure called the “Single Spin”, created by some then unknown bass fishermen from Oklahoma.  Who could forget the first Rapala, wooden lure?  When they arrived, my Old Man warned me to hide behind a tree when I tied it on; it was just that good.  And then perhaps the greatest of all was the first “secret” bag of 9 inch Creme Worms, smuggled to me by Darrel Lynch, a guide at Campbell Point Boat Dock.  We caught many giant bass before letting the secret out. 

Now its time for another breakthrough to make its appearance to the angling world; Jump’n Jack spinners, created by a guy who has watched fishing lures come and go through the last 60 years and knows what it takes to consistently catch fish day after day.  Jump’n Jack spinners will catch fish like nothing you have ever rigged.  It has caught over 40 species and still counting. 

The idea was conceived on a cold winter’s night in a cabin in the Ozark woodlands.  I was working on a super lightweight spinner idea.  Metal was being cut and bent; .010” full-hard, 303 stainless steel.  It was very light, cut easily, simple to bend, and very shiny.  Just how the metal came to be bent into a “hoop” or “loop” shape is not remembered, but eventually, a shape was created that sort of resembled a fish.  As it spun on a wire, a fish image in holographic perspective emerged.  The focus quickly changed from a lightweight spinner idea to an all new fishing lure. 

Needless to say the rest of the night was consumed with more cut metal (and fingers) bent into various fish shapes, spindled on fine stainless steel wire, adorned with beads and whatever hooks could be found lying loose in the tackle box.   

The first Jump'n Jack Spinners
Since Beaver Lake in Northwest Arkansas was just five short miles down the road, it was a short drive after a short night to make the first casts to see how well the rotating stainless steel fish might perform on the end of a baitcasting rig.  And after a few casts the answer was clear; a smallish, spotted bass ate it.  Little did that bass know what a trend-setter he had become.  Jump’n Jack Spinners were born! 

Jade with first fish on Jump'n Jack Spinner!

From those rough, early prototypes to the finished Jump’n Jack Spinner you can enjoy today, has not been a short cast.  Scores of shapes and sizes were spawned and fished in various bodies of water; including lakes, rivers, streams and oceans.  Countless fish of many species have been caught and released.  Body finishes, eyes, styles and shapes of hooks, weights and balancing with various beads, all had to be accomplished to make this lure catch fish as successfully as it does today. 

1/8 Ounce Jump'n Jack Spinners, also available in 1/2, 3/8, 1/4 and 1/16 Oz.


So what did all of this innovation and refinement mean for you the fisherman?  Let me tell you a little about what you can do with this exciting new lure and then you need to take it to the water and discover for yourself what a difference it can make in your fishing experience.  When your day of fishing has retired to a cool, refreshing sundowner, I think you will have to agree that it may be the most exciting lure you have ever thrown.  Jump’n Jack Spinners have caught 40 plus species of fish worldwide and the list is growing!

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